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Philanthropy is a major component of Gapelii Brand's mission. As a result, our company donates 10% of all our proceeds back into the communities we serve. Although a global luxury brand, our business believes in investing and supporting the communities that support us by contributing to causes that address the most dire needs in our towns and cities today. 

Our current focus for charitable donations is towards assisting families directly impacted by COVID-19 and supporting organizations, working to combat racial and systemic injustices and inequalities.


Community Partnership With Farm to Pantry

Through a new partnership with Healdsburg-based nonprofit, Farm to Pantry (F2P), we seeks to increase our community connections, presence and philanthropic impact within the Sonoma County community. We are now partnering with F2P to supply high-quality custom shirts, honoring volunteers or “hunger relief warriors” who have donated their time by gleaning locally-grown produce in the fields to help provide food for marginalized neighbors in Sonoma County. The shirts commemorate over 4 million servings of fruits and vegetables that have been distributed by Farm to Pantry since their inception in 2008.

Duskie Estes, F2P’s Executive Director said, “It is because of our ‘hunger relief warriors’ that we are able to feed as many people as we do, and we are proud to offer them a custom luxury t-shirt as a token of our appreciation. They deserve to be clad in Gapelii brand, and we are proud to support a Black-owned business that gives back.” The Farm to Pantry Gapelii long-sleeve heather shirts will also be for sale on the Gapelii Brand website for Farm to Pantry patrons, supporters and all interested customers, with a portion of the proceeds being donated to F2P.

Gapelii Brand welcomes all community organizations, nonprofits & local businesses interested in collaborating to us at 

Farm to Pantry’s mission is to cultivate good health and community and to support environmental sustainability by rescuing locally-grown food and sharing it with those facing food injustice. The vision is for everyone to have access to healthy food that nourishes the community and is not wasted. F2P aims to mitigate climate change, address the wealth divide, honor its recipients and find solutions for ecological challenges & food justice/food insecurity. For information, call (707) 955-9898 or visit the website: to support this work.


A Statement About COVID-19

Our staff at Gapelii Brand is well aware of the many difficulties facing our society today due to COVID-19.  As a community, let’s do our part by wearing masks wherever required in public and social distancing to help limit the spread of the virus. Thank you all for your continued support. We are here praying for everyone in our communities as well as the world.


A Statement Against Social & Racial Inequality

Like several citizens throughout the country and the world, Gapelii Brand has been deeply saddened by the chain of tragic events surrounding the deaths of African Americans citizens and minorities in the United States as a result of police brutality, racism, hate, and inequality. Our prayers and condolences go out to the families and friends of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and all of our brothers and sisters impacted by the loss of their loved ones due to the reprehensible actions of some sworn to protect us.

We believe racial and social injustice needs to remain at the forefront of America’s national conversation and are in full support of all peaceful protests happening throughout the country and overseas against such issues by various organizations, groups and individuals. Gapelii Brand is a Black-owned business and although we do not condone the destruction and looting of local businesses, we are aware of the American people’s frustrations and acknowledge the spotlight such actions has brought to such a vital and critical issue in the United States and world. We acknowledge and respect the U.S. local governments currently working towards reform and law enforcement officers that have stood with movements such as Black Lives Matters and several others.

Like many citizens, we pray for justice in the U.S. and firmly believe this isn’t just a Black issue, but a humanity issue. We encourage as many Americans to get involved in the fight against racial and social injustice as possible. Various ways to get involved include participating in peaceful protests, donating funds directly to support organizations fighting for social change, attending and participating in town hall, school board and local government meetings, voting and praying over our country and world.  

Change will come when we all learn to work together and love one another, regardless of our social differences, appearances and beliefs. At Gapelii Brand, we choose to love and support and encourage everyone to do the same.


Community Partners

The Bridge Homeless Recovery Center

Community Action Partnership (CAP) Sonoma County

Catholic Charities of Odessa

Catholic Charities of Central Florida

Catholic Charities of San Francisco

Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership

Corazon Healdsburg

Farm to Pantry

Greater Houston Community Foundation

Greater Twin Cities United Way

Hobbs NAACP Branch

NAACP Santa Cruz County

Oklahoma State Conference NAACP

Salvation Army of Albuquerque

Salvation Army of Amarillo

Salvation Army of North Texas

Salvation Army of Odessa

United to Learn

United Way Bay Area

United Way of Central New Mexico

United Way of the Greater Capital Region

United Way of Greater Houston

United Way of Lea County

United Way of Midland

United Way of the Wine Country